Twice out shopping with friends, I got into the wrong cars. I still don’t see what the big deal was; if the driver and I had talked, maybe I would have found out if they were going my way or not. But I did not because the second my butt hit their co-passenger seat, the […]

If you have studied writing, you probably know that too many frequently used adverbs repeatedly upset readers, teachers, and writing software. Not exactly in that order, truly. As a result, my writing software has the hiccups repeatedly. Honestly. Insert eye roll. Who thought this up? Literally, who did? I don’t know, so I casually and […]

Years ago, I had a beautiful Black and White Tuxedo kitty I named Smudge. He was a shelter kitty and the sweetest I have ever known. He never gave me a second of worry. I, however, worried him twice. One time I startled my poor kitty to dickens, but really, he shouldn’t have followed me […]

*Possible Triggers* I learned in recovery to strive for balance in my life. I also found out how powerful gratitude is, so I blogged daily about what I was grateful for. I began that on 2-12-2013. I knew it was life changing, but I do not know what it felt like. The subtle changes occurred […]

I could not figure out why I kept people around me I could not trust; people who did not care about me. People who had disasters in their lives and were addicts, or drinkers like me. I could see other people had loving, supportive friends, but my friends weren’t loving or supportive of what I […]

Originally posted to r/REDDITORSINRECOVERY on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. Hi, Everyone, I am Landon, a 63 y/o woman, disabled and determined to find the way to earn my living doing what I love: blogging about my recovery, personal growth, and crafting. I also want to return to school. One of my biggest goals is to […]

My upbringing was so traumatizing, I locked almost my entire childhood up in amnesia. I sat down once and typed out on virtual 8 by 11 pages and only filled 2 and a half pages with what I remembered. Essentially, it went like this: I remember 2 quick snapshot of my birthdays, no Christmases at […]

I Am So Glad You Found Me! My blog’s purpose is to write in clean detail how I better understand and manage my alcoholism, my depression, and my overeating. I hope my writing helps you heal because the way I feel about myself today and what I am accomplishing feels fantastic and is much better […]

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