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I Love Annoying My Writing Software

If you have studied writing, you probably know that too many frequently used adverbs

repeatedly upset readers, teachers, and writing software. Not exactly in that order, truly.

As a result, my writing software has the hiccups repeatedly. Honestly. Insert eye roll.

Who thought this up? Literally, who did?

I don’t know, so I casually and courageously googled the info and,

curiously, could not find a culprit.


Must be an adverb conspiracy actually, because I write cautiously.


Ok, ok!!


Repeatedly, as a result, my writing software politely yet judgingly encourages me

to write using active verbs constantly!

I ask my writing software. I am like, “Oh, come’ on, surely I don’t write that passively?”

Aways testing my writing, earlier today, I learned this:

My writing software gleefully, jubilantly, and victoriously responds:

“Truthfully, never-endingly, and relentlessly, I have the last word!!”



Have FUN Writing!!!


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