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I am struggling to do my breathing exercises

One problem I have is scary shortness of breath. If I take out my trash, I stop at the dumpster and just stand, trying to rest a little.

Then I walk back to my apartment, but by the time I get to my door, my shortness of breath is extreme.

I feel my heart pounding and I struggle to catch my breath. It takes a few minutes for me to breath normally again.

So, because of that, I have been doing simple exercises to hold my breath for a short count. I try, but I cannot do them every day.

I can do a few each day. So, my focus has been to do some every day and try to build up from there.

So, today, I do 5 times counting each time to 5 one thousand. My goal is to do those twice today and walk a tiny bit more around my apartment.


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