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About My Stroke and What Happened to Me Waking Up in the Hospital Alone

I am not clear when the stroke happened. I went back to the ER to try to get answers. On my 2nd trip, the doctor told me they could not treat me there but that he could send me to any Barnes-Jewish location I wanted.

I said, send me to the city to BJC main campus downtown.

He did, but I cannot remember the trip.

What I remember next was waking up in BJC ICU. I could not even scratch my cheek. I had to

be fed. I could not feed myself. That is easier to do now, but my hands still shake some.

While I was in the ICU, 2 of my doctors came by to see me and said they don’t see patients survive what I went through.

Because of that, I feel like a miracle. I also found out I died and was revived. They intubated me and removed the breathing tube 24 hours later. I have a vague recollection of a lady yelling my name  and sternum stimulation. They look for any response to pain.

I spent 10 days in the icu and another 10 in a step down ward before going to rehab where I am learning to do what I can’t do, lost with my stroke and blood syndrome I now have.

In addition to having a stroke, I had multiple blood clots and various brain bleeds.

If I had seen my doctor, all of this could have been prevented. I went 2 years without going in.

Never doing that again.

Today was the first day I could talk about my stroke and how terrifying it was. I told 3 ladies at dinner. All 3 had expressions of the horror I felt.

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