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Being Morbidly Obese and Stopping ALL Overeating Cravings

Over the years, working on healing my emotional wounds that bounced around in my head, some days screaming in my face,

I noticed my alcohol and overeating cravings had stopped.

I still cannot remember the last time I craved alcohol.

At some future point, the overeating cravings would fire back up. Being a recovering alcoholic, I realized there was a connection.

Do you have cravings? If you do, I feel for you. I remember mine as being dreadful and unrelenting.

So, I will explain how I got mine to stop further down in this essay.

It is wonderful to not any cravings in my brain when I am trying to problem solve or just think about a pleasant topic.

Plus googling recovery topics and how to bring balance to my life, I came across an American Psychologist named

Dr. Abraham Harold Maslow, whose forte was positive psychology.

He interviewed many successful people and learned the common qualities all had.

From that, he developed his Pyramid of Needs, which is a pillar of psychology to this day.

When I first saw this online, I understood why and how I became an alcoholic.

Still, I barely scratched the surface of this list.

Here’s the pyramid he developed:

So, what I have been working on the hardest is clearing out the fear,

negative thoughts, and obstacles in my mind so I can work to bring

these unmet needs into my life, plus keep them to gain and maintain balance.

Where are you on this list?

How many do you have and how many do you lack?

Or do you stare at the image, not knowing where to start?

Your starting point is in your head; what problem troubles you the most?

 Make your way onto the next uppermost thought in your mind, and you keep going.

That’s where you start and you pace yourself carefully.

If you don’t have experience facing painful thoughts and events from your background,

find a professional who can help you get through it.

Once I did this, beginning with the ugliest events from my childhood,


I saw firsthand how much better I felt, so I kept going.

That nasty problem got quieter and did not stop me in my tracks like it once did.

I felt happier and wanted to do fun things!

The Best part is my mind is quiet. I can read easily what I want to,

which is super helpful because I am a college student!

I am not struggling with buying chocolate to stuff myself with or ordering a huge pizza or

any unhealthy food thoughts I have known for so long.

I have quiet peace of mind, and it’s wonderful!

That is a tremendous improvement over how I was. I am trying to come up with solutions to my problems.

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