Facing My Greatest Fear

I devote my life to learning how to write clearly and honestly about my experiences in child abuse, domestic violence, alcoholism, and how I turned my life around to live a productive, happy, fulfilling life in recovery. I am in school for that, plus bettering my creative skills, hoping to encourage folks to explore their creativity and find hobbies that benefit their lives. My most important goal is to make this information available for free on my blogs. Through my blogs, I detail how I became an alcoholic, how I acted out, and how I have gotten better. This coming November 16, I will begin my 14th year sober.

Now as I live today, my greatest fear is my brain not working properly so I can get out of poverty and off of welfare.

Being raised in a horrific environment as the youngest of three daughters, dominated by a sadistic, cruel narcissistic psychopath, abusive tortuous fallout still saturates my life. I would provide you with the gory details from my upbringing, but my brain locked up the unspeakable child abuse and domestic violence torture in amnesia. What I can remember barely fills 2 typewritten pages. I am 64 years old at this writing.

A child’s brain is developing and going through critical phases from 2 to 7 years old.

Did you know a traumtized child’s brain shows damage comparable to a soldier who has seen combat?

That is how devastating that is to a little child.

We have to find a way to stop this.


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