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How is This Possible? How Can Landlords Break Isolation Seals and Quarantine Rules to Use Toxic Pesticides in My Home?

I know there are serious problems around the world today, and my heart breaks for everyone who suffers. I am bringing this topic up because I know there have to be others who are going through my situation or worse. 

I received the second Modern shot on August 3rd, and the symptoms began on August 6, the Friday night of that week. 

My doctor’s office has strict covid rules in place. If I were to go to an appointment because I am having covid symptoms, they would whisk me into an exam room without delay. Naturally, they would not want me around others I might infect. They would observe the 6 ft distance guideline, masking, hand washing, hand sanitizers, everything. 

Since I do not own a car and because I have Covid symptoms that are worse every day, my local transport company cannot drive me to my appointment. 

They cannot transport anyone who is having symptoms. 

That makes perfect sense to me! And I respect their decision. I will not willingly put anyone at risk to get infected by what I have. Nor do I want to risk getting worse from someone who might be infected and are not showing symptoms. 

My landlord insists on coming into the fumigate, even though I have clearly spelled out my symptoms, the risks to them, that my local county health department recommended that I quarantine and isolate. I asked for the name of the pesticide 3 days ago, and no one has provided me with that information. And today, Sunday, August 22, 2021, I go back and forth from feeling hot and cold, plus my nausea is worse.  

I asked about reasonable accommodation. They said that was what they were doing. They are accommodating themselves, not me.

I emailed them about a Missouri Statue I found that clearly spells out anyone who breaks an isolation seal is deemed guilty of a class A misdemeanor. That means up to one year in jail and a fine of $2000.00.

They will not budge.

Missouri Mo. 19 CSR 20-20.050 (2008) Authority. The local health authority, the director of the Department of Health or the director’s designated representative shall require isolation of a patient or animal with a communicable disease, quarantine of contacts, concurrent and terminal disinfection, or modified forms of these procedures necessary for the protection of the public health.
Missouri Mo. Rev. Stat. § 192.320 Penalties. Any person or persons who shall leave any isolation hospital or quarantined house or place without the consent of the health officer having jurisdiction, or who evades or breaks quarantine or knowingly conceals a case of contagious, infectious or communicable disease, or who removes, destroys, obstructs from view or tears down any quarantine card, cloth or notice posted by the attending physician or by the health officer, or by direction of a proper health officer, shall be deemed guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

I found it here:   Missouri Covid Statutes for Penalties for Leaving Quarantine and Breaking Isolation Seal

I also found this article: Break a Coronavirus quarantine in the US? Yes, you could face jail time

They know I am physically and mentally ill; they know I am having covid symptoms. They know a free Covid testing kit is on its way to me.

 I have begged them to allow me the time to get fans to put in my windows to improve ventilation. They refused. 

I begged them to allow me the time to get a thermometer when I get paid on September 3rd. I sent them a pamphlet outlining rights of the disabled and reasonable accommodation. They said that was what they were doing, only they were accommodating themselves. Not me. 

Yes, there are some repairs required. Most can wait. They don’t care and will make the repairs on their schedule, not mine. That is clear because they know afternoons are easier for me, early morning appointments are very hard on me.

And I set up an appointment with a local cleaning service to be here on August 30 when my symptoms were still mild. I cancelled it this morning.

They are coming at 9 AM. No compromise in sight.

I am losing sleep and am having nightmares. They don’t care. 

I told them I am worried sick I will infect one of them. They don’t care about that either; I told them I was worried I will have a panic attack because I am worried one of them might be infected and make me sicker. 

They don’t care about that either. They o not care if they infect others they come in contact with. 

I do not understand how this is possible. I even called my local police department, and they sided with the landlords. 

How can they get away with this? Someone explain it to me because I do not understand people who behave this way. 

And how is there nothing I can do about it?

Have you been through this or something similar? I know there have to be people in the world who are going through this same thing. Can we help each other somehow?

Did you solve that problem? Is there no one who can help those of us who are in this situation?

Please let me know how. Email me here:


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