Notes from Rehab: A Stroke, Brain Bleeding, Blood Clots and Life WITHOUT CRAVINGS, INSOMNIA, WORRIES, or ANXIETIES

By nothing short of God’s miracle, I got to Barnes-Jewish Hospital ER where I think I crashed. That could be when my stroke happened.

I have a vague recollection of a woman standing over me, yelling my name. I also remember sternum stimulation. Then nothing.

I spent 10 days in BJH ICU. I improved and  went to a step down floor for another 10 days.

I am now in rehab, seeing daily improvements.

Also, since weighing 300 lbs in November, I have lost 70 pounds easily. I have no emotional cravings, just a healthy apetite. There are no cravings to torment me! My mind is clear and free from worries or any nagging thoughts. It is a joy from Heaven!

After my lifetime of struggling with overeating and being obese, not having cravings dominate my thoughts and controlling my behavior, is a brand new experience for me. I do feel hunger, but it stays pretty quiet. That keeps me present and aware of what goes on around me. I am not distracted by any thoughts or struggles of alcohol or unhealthy food.

Plus, it is freedom to be able to think about what I want to because my brain is clear. And I get to sleep easily without any aids. I sleep at a regular time and wake up at a regular time. I still don’t feel refreshed, but I think my sleep apnea affects that.

I want you to know they are taking the best care of me here.

Every health care professional I deal with goes above and beyond for me. In spite of the fact that I arrived here kicking and screaming,  they keep me moving forward.

My eyes are opened to part of the scope of the role physical and occupational therapy plays in rehabilitation. I had no idea!! I have developed great respect for the staff here and the work they do. They teach me so much and they bless my life.

I have to learn to walk again, but so far I learned to feed myself, I can brush and comb my hair, I am doing memory puzzles, and more. I still struggle with faces and names though. And I can’t quite understand the mechanics of the slide board they use to get me in and out of my wheelchair.


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