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Sober 12+ Years, Tomorrow I Celebrate Beginning My 13th+

Honestly, I can’t think of what to write! This is a first for me; I think the most time I accomplished before was 2 or 3 years sober.


Ok, here are my thoughts from a few hours after I wrote my opening paragraph:  Back then my life was in shambles despite my cheery attitude hiding that reality. I was in a religious cult, dating a narcissistic man who controlled what I said and how I looked. I was desperate for attention and a place to belong to, so I went along. Looking back, I can’t believe I did that and I see why I did.


I need not belong at any cost now; I am stronger and happier finding my own way. I pace myself better these days and am excited about starting my 13th year sober, happy, and planning goals I want to accomplish.


Now I am better at stopping negative thoughts and don’t let them ruin my mood. Now I replace them with acceptance so I can get past them and be my most productive.


For me, that beats everything and I know FIRSTHAND there is no alcoholic drink, or drug or delicious over the top food that can give me the long-lasting satisfaction my healing self-confidence and self-esteem does.


And it gets stronger every day.

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