Before I got sick, I traveled to Mexico with the non-denominational church I belonged to. I was one of the Youth Leaders, plus I am fluent in Spanish.

It changed me. I saw families living in huts with dirt floors and no running water or electricity. When I got back to the home I shared with two other women, I wanted to hug the washer and dryer. I had a room to myself, a car, electricity, running water and was protected by wage laws.

Of all the people I met in Reynosa, Mexico during that trip, no one could say that.

Now, being disabled and restricted because of my health problems, I can’t travel, but I can sit at home and crochet and knit, albeit extremely simple pieces. I belong to a charity group on Facebook who many, MANY volunteers crochet, knit, and or sew Preemie babies items like hats, blankets, bonding squares and tiny toys for NICU preemies. I just joined and am relearning my crochet skills and relearning to knit ( not that I knitted that much before) but my point it volunteering is helpful and rewarding. I think about people I have helped out over the years and I give thanks I did.

So, can you think of where or how you can volunteer? It can be as simple s helping a neighbor get their groceries inside or mowing their lawn or helping them with their trash. There are oodles of different ways we can help others out without being paid.

I hope you’ll give this serious consideration and come up with how you can help someone else with no expectation of being paid.


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